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Reservations Now OPEN for 2020 Icelandic Sheep Breeding Stock

Time to get your deposit in on outstanding breeding stock from Copia Cove Icelandic Sheep – Butte, Montana! Looking to add purebred Icelandic sheep to your flock or homestead in 2020? Now is the time to browse our beautiful selection of 2020 ram lambs and ewe lambs. We specialize in registered and unregistered Icelandic sheep...
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Start Your First Ever Craft Booth for Under $500

Originally published at Whether you’re vending at your local Farmers’ Market, out of state Fiber Festival, or Craft Fair, you need to bring it when it comes to an attractive booth set-up! And if you have never had booth before, it can be little hard to get started. In this article, I’m going to...
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12 Tips for a Successful Craft Booth

Originally published at Whoo-wee! What an awesome experience! There’s so much planning involved and many things to remember to pack when attending an event as a vendor. As this was my very first craft fair, and I’m an “expert procrastinator” (read: never have enough time to get everything done), I didn’t feel as prepared...
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