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2024 Bred Icelandic Ewes For Sale & Icelandic Breeding Rams for Sale – Montana

Looking for purebred Icelandic sheep for sale that are bred and ready to lamb in the Spring 2023?

2024 Reservations for BRED Ewes Are OPEN! And breeding rams available! Here’s some info about our breeding stock placement program…

—————————————————————— copia cove icelandic sheep butte montana usa 2024 Icelandic bred ewe sales are now open! Copia Cove in Butte, Montana

Icelandic sheep for sale – Time to reserve your 2024 bred ewes who will lamb in May and June 2024 – Copia Cove Icelandic Sheep, Butte, Montana!

We specialize in registered and (a handful of) unregistered Icelandic sheep near Butte, Montana. We have genetic lines in our large flock that will exceed you expectations for fiber, meat and/or milk quality characteristics. We pride ourselves on breeding sheep that are tough, thrifty, excellent mothers and correct to Icelandic breed standards – many of which have a high percentage of AI genetics (from Iceland). Deposits are taken on a first come, first “pick” basis. Please indicate your lamb choices or flock goals when inquiring about making a deposit. If you have an exact lamb in mind that you would like to reserve, please notify me when you make your deposit. Starter flocks of somewhat unrelated ewes/ewe lambs and an unrelated ram are typically available. We have some proven and maiden bred ewes available NOW.

How to Reserve


Unregistered lambs for sale start at $300 and go up. And a $100 deposit is required per lamb that is applied toward the total purchase price. Registered lambs for sale start at $600 and go up. And a $200 deposit is required per lamb that is applied toward the total purchase price.


Total balance due at or prior to pick up. Prompt pickup/transport of reserved livestock is compulsory. Pickup typically starts August 1st and ends September 1st. Livestock will not be held past the deadline indicated on the invoice terms and conditions and your deposit will be forfeited. In an unforeseen circumstance where a buyer needs the reserved sheep to be held past the pick-up deadline into hay-feeding (Fall) season or into (Winter) breeding season, ALL additional incurred expenses by the seller (hay, vaccines, etc) will be paid by the buyer prior to pickup. Deposits are non-refundable but may be applied toward future purchases of Copia Cove sheep or sheep goods at Amika’s sole discretion. However, do not reverse livestock and EXPECT the deposit to be refunded for any reason. Again, refunds are solely at Amika’s discretion. IMPORTANT:  Copia Cove Icelandic sheep and lambs come with a fertility guarantee. We stand behind our livestock genetics 100%. Ewes in their second year with you or rams in their first year with you that do not produce offspring when bred will be replaced or purchase price refunded. Please communicate your flock goals and breed standards with Amika prior to making a reservation AND as your purchased lambs  grow out at their new home. Your satisfaction is important to us as a leader in the USA of top quality Icelandic Sheep breeding stock and products.


Contact Me

I’m happy to assist you in any way with making decisions about acquiring the right breeding stock for your individual goals and budget. We do sell our stock all over the USA and can make recommendations for you to more easily find a livestock transporter if you are not picking up yourself. I can be reached via email at amika@copiacove.com. I’d also love to connect with you on IG and FB, as it’s easiest and more fun to share photo updates on social! Connect with me on Facebook at Copia Cove Icelandic Sheep & Wool Follow me on Instagram @copiacove

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Copia Cove Icelandic Sheep & Wool, a sheep ranching operation in beautiful Butte, Montana, is owned and operated by super-mommy, Amika Ryan and her right-hand gals, Madison and Finley.

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