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7 Tips for the Perfect Felted Fleece Rug

Fall is the BEST time for wet felting! And I absolutely LOVE wet felting big fleece rugs. These rugs look like a sheepskin rug, but only use fleece. These rugs are also called “vegetarian sheepskins.” Felted fleece rugs use sheep wool, from shearing (not the sheepskin), that is felted using a technique involving hot water,...
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How to Make a Wool Felt Silhouette Throw Pillow

If you LOVE this tutorial, you are definitely going to want to enroll in the video course… it’s super cheap and you get lifetime access. Join HERE. Welcome to the wool felt silhouette pillow tutorial! I’m so glad you’re here 🙂 You are going to learn how to wet-felt wool to make your very own...
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How to Make a Wood Block Letter “O” Sheep for Home Decor

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make a super-cute sheep letter “O” with a thick, free-standing, wood block, for your home. As you may already know, I home-tan my sheepskin and lambskin pelts from my flock of Icelandic sheep. I use these gorgeous skins to make home decor items, such...
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