Copia Cove Icelandic Sheep & Wool

We are a small family-owned homestead raising daughters and Icelandic Sheep in Butte (Southwest), Montana. We have the best selection of Icelandic sheep wool and pelt products, direct from the farmer, in our online SHOP. And specialize in registered and unregistered Icelandic Sheep breeding stock!


Some of our favorite Icelandic sheep and wool products are raw fleece, yarn, roving, batting, felted fleece rugs, wet felted lighting and accessories, sheepskin home decor, woven rugs and Skinnfell (the ancient Norwegian folk art of ink printing on sheepskins)!

Icelandic Sheep Breeding Stock

Check out our registered 2020 ram lambs and 2020 ewe lambs for sale! We also have a select few yearling ewes available now.

Find out more about how to reserve your new breeding stock HERE.

copia cove icelandic sheep ewe lambs for sale 2020
copia cove icelandic sheep ram lambs for sale 2020
copia cove icelandic sheep ewes for sale 2020
Icelandic Sheep Products



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